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FELLINE 2018 Red Blend 'Alberello Salento Rosso' (Southern Italy)

FELLINE 2018 Red Blend 'Alberello Salento Rosso' (Southern Italy)

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The Felline 2018 Red Blend 'Albarello Salento Rosso' originates from Southern Italy, specifically the Salento area in the region of Puglia. This red blend likely features indigenous grape varieties such as Primitivo, Negroamaro, and possibly Malvasia Nera, which are commonly grown in the Salento region. The name 'Albarello' could reflect a traditional vine training system used in the area, or it might signify a particular vineyard or style associated with this wine. The 2018 vintage suggests that the wine has had some time to mature, potentially offering complex flavors of ripe dark fruits, herbs, and spices, balanced by firm tannins and refreshing acidity. Felline's 'Albarello Salento Rosso' is a testament to the rich winemaking heritage and distinctive terroir of Southern Italy, showcasing the region's bold and expressive wines.

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