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PEDRO PARRA 2021 Pais 'Vinista' (Chile)

PEDRO PARRA 2021 Pais 'Vinista' (Chile)

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The PEDRO PARRA 2021 Pais 'Vinista' from Chile showcases the essence of the Pais grape variety in a fresh and vibrant expression. Pais, a historic grape native to Chile, is gaining renewed attention for its unique character and heritage. This 'Vinista' bottling likely emphasizes the pure and natural qualities of the grape, with minimal intervention in the winemaking process. Expect bright red fruit flavors, such as cherry and raspberry, with subtle herbal and floral undertones. With its light body, refreshing acidity, and soft tannins, this Pais 'Vinista' is perfect for casual enjoyment on its own or paired with a variety of lighter dishes, such as grilled vegetables, charcuterie, or seafood. Enjoy the PEDRO PARRA 2021 Pais 'Vinista' for its authentic representation of Chilean winemaking tradition and terroir.

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