ASTROLABE 2022 Sauvignon Blanc

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Finally, a chance to taste a Kiwi
Sauvignon Blanc at Oly Wines.  We do not taste these wines enough here at the store; forgive me if you will.  Just an oversight due the vast world of white & red wines in the world!  This ASTROLABE brand from the Waghorm Family of Wines is one of the most consistently awarded wine I know from NZ.  It is a best example of what NZ is producing and why the wine consumers of the world flock to their NZ Sauvignon Blanc!

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  • Pair with: Roast Turkey

    We wouldn't blame you for going with going with the tried-and-true turkey and Pinot Noir combination this Holiday season, but we think this savory old vine Grenache from Lafage - bursting with red fruits, black fruits, and spice - is the perfect rich-but-not-overpowering wine to accompany your finely roasted bird.

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  • Pair with: Prime Rib

    Rich, dry, tannic, and laden with flavors of plum, dark chocolate, tobacco, and sage, this robust-yet-elegant Bordeaux deserves a spot at your holiday table, especially if you're serving a standing rib roast or the like. What's more, it's a wonderful wine to cap off a holiday feast.

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  • Pair with: Roast Duck or Goose

    Redolant of black fruit and herbs against a cedarwood background, this unctuous Israeli Merlot perfectly complements crispy, crackly duck or (not to be too specific) roasted goose with oranges and Madeira.

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  • Pair with: Spiral Ham

    Light, food friendly reds just go so well with the food- and drink-heavy holiday season. And if you're to have a light red, why not let it be this tart and fruity, shop-favorite Beaujolais Nouveau - as easily a pre-dinner wine as a complement to lighter, salty meats like ham.

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  • Appellation: Alexander Valley, CA


    Syrah 98%, Viognier 2%


    Alexander Valley Vineyards


    Alcohol: 14.0%
    pH: 3.62
    TA: 5.8 g/L


    The Syrah and Viognier ripened together in 2019, so the two grapes were harvested the same day, de-stemmed, then cold soaked together, retaining the bright berry flavors and stabilizing the color. The wine was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.

  • Vineyard History

    Located eleven miles West of Montevideo on the Atlantic Ocean, our estate has more than 1,000 small vineyard blocks covering it's hillside slopes, which benefit from varying microclimates, different levels of humidity, and an intense canopy management. Theses factors allow the vines to develop with the maximum exposure to the sun providing rich, expressive fruit. The vineyards are surrounded by lush forests, rocky soils, granite boulders, and naturally occurring palm trees.

  • Tasting Notes

    Syrah is a deep purple wine with rich aromas of plum, violets, black cherry, vanilla, oak and blackberry. The vintage is a classic with flavors of blackberry jam, black cherry, plum, white pepper and vanilla. In a nod to its Rhône heritage, our Syrah has a slightly “meaty” quality along with the classic floral notes and a dry structured finish.

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