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Grape of the Month: Malbec

Found in: Argentina, France (Cahors, Bordeaux), Australia, Chile

Otherwise known as: Côt, Pressac, Auxerrois (not Auxerrois blanc, an Alsatian white)

Pair with: Peppery meats and rich, creamy (and especially melty) cheeses that aren't too salty (think goat, blue, swiss, reggianito, or provolone).

Now most often celebrated as an Argentine varietal, Malbec has origins draped in mystery. Dating back at least as far as the 16th century in Cahors, France - where it may have been first introduced by a Hungarian peasant (or, perhaps it originated in Burgundy under the name Côt; or in Bordeaux in the late 18th century, planted by a Monsieur 'Malbeck'). Regardless, the grape has retained a stronghold in southwestern France, and has flourished in Argentina ever since it was introduced by French Agronomist Michel Pouget in 1868, under the orders of provincial governor Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

Featured Region: Alsace

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(Not the) Last Days of Rosé

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