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BERTOLANI NV Lambrusco Emilia 'Dolce Fiore' (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

BERTOLANI NV Lambrusco Emilia 'Dolce Fiore' (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

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ALFRED BERTOLANI's NV Lambrusco Emilia 'Dolce Fiore' from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, is a delightful sparkling red wine crafted from Lambrusco grapes. This Lambrusco Emilia is renowned for its vibrant flavors and effervescence. With a sweet and fruity profile, it offers notes of ripe red berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, accompanied by subtle floral undertones. Its gentle sweetness is balanced by refreshing acidity, making it a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, from charcuterie and cheeses to spicy cuisines. Enjoy chilled for a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience, perfect for any occasion.

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