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ALMARE NV Spritz 'Classico' (Italy)

ALMARE NV Spritz 'Classico' (Italy)

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Embrace the vibrant spirit of Italian aperitivo culture with Almare's NV Spritz 'Classico', a refreshing and invigorating blend that embodies the essence of leisurely gatherings and shared moments of relaxation. Crafted with a harmonious fusion of premium ingredients, this classic spritz captivates the senses with its bright orange hue and enticing aroma. Upon the first sip, experience a burst of citrusy freshness, as notes of zesty orange peel and bitter gentian harmonize with the subtle sweetness of prosecco and the effervescence of soda water. Whether enjoyed at a bustling outdoor café or in the comfort of your own home, Almare's Spritz 'Classico' is the perfect libation to kickstart any social occasion and elevate your aperitivo experience. Cheers to the joy of good company and the timeless allure of Italian conviviality with Almare's NV Spritz 'Classico'.

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