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ALVEAR NV Sherry 'Oloroso Asuncion' (Spain)

ALVEAR NV Sherry 'Oloroso Asuncion' (Spain)

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The Alvear NV Sherry 'Oloroso Asunción' originates from Spain, likely produced in the Sherry-producing region of Andalusia. Oloroso Sherry is a fortified wine known for its rich and complex flavors, characterized by notes of nuts, dried fruits, and spices, along with a deep amber color. The 'Asunción' designation may refer to a specific solera or aging system used by Alvear for this particular Sherry. NV stands for non-vintage, indicating that the Sherry is a blend of wines from various years to achieve a consistent style and quality. Alvear is a prestigious Sherry producer with a long history of crafting exceptional wines. The 'Oloroso Asunción' is likely to be a refined and elegant expression of Oloroso Sherry, perfect for sipping on its own or pairing with a variety of savory dishes, such as cured meats, aged cheeses, or rich stews.

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