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AVELEDA ‘Fonte’ 2020 Vinho Verde

AVELEDA ‘Fonte’ 2020 Vinho Verde

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Many of you are appreciating the Portuguese Vinho Verde wines we have in the store so we will make one available to you for tasting: the AVELEDA Vinho Verde – a wine known to me and used in my restaurant wine programs for decades now.  Did you notice the sale price?

Vinho Verde is Portuguese for ‘green wine’.  That’s a fair title for this wine, because it is green in the sense of its freshness and even in its color...  It is very, VERY fresh for several reasons.  It has a vibrant acidity underlying the wine.  There is also a slight spritz, sparkle, if you prefer to the wines of Vinho Verde.  And on top of that there is the green apple aromas that jump out of the glass too.  And citrus.  Lots of citrus whether lemon or lime.  Also, it is low in alcohol.  The grapes used for white Vinho Verde are primarily the Alvharino (Albarino in Spain) & Louiero white grape varietals.  Vinho Verde is quite popular of late – faddish, really. 

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