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LYRARAKIS WINES 2018 Syrah 'Lyrakis Kotsifali' (Crete, Greece)

LYRARAKIS WINES 2018 Syrah 'Lyrakis Kotsifali' (Crete, Greece)

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Lyrarakis Wines' 2018 'Lyrakis Kotsifali' from Crete, Greece, is a captivating red wine that showcases the island's indigenous grape variety, Kotsifali. This wine offers a unique and authentic expression of Crete's winemaking tradition. With its deep ruby color, it entices the senses with aromas of ripe red berries, such as cherry and raspberry, intertwined with subtle hints of Mediterranean herbs and spices. On the palate, it reveals a medium-bodied texture, with soft tannins and a well-balanced acidity, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. The wine's lingering finish leaves a lasting impression, reflecting the craftsmanship and dedication of Lyrarakis Wines in producing high-quality wines that capture the essence of Crete's terroir. LyrarakisWines' 2018 'Lyrakis Kotsifali' is a perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Greek wine culture.

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