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AZENDIA AGRICOLA SPECOGNA NV Traditional Skin Contact Wine 'Oranz' (Italy)

AZENDIA AGRICOLA SPECOGNA NV Traditional Skin Contact Wine 'Oranz' (Italy)

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Traditional Skin Contact Wine 'Oranz' hails from Italy and represents a departure from conventional winemaking techniques. Made using a traditional method that involves fermenting grape juice in contact with the grape skins, this wine offers a unique sensory experience. The term "skin contact" refers to the process of leaving the grape skins in contact with the juice during fermentation, imparting color, flavor, and texture to the final product. As a result, 'Oranz' exhibits a rich amber hue and an intriguing array of aromas and flavors derived from the grape skins. Expect to encounter notes of orange peel, dried fruits, floral hints, and a subtle tannic grip on the palate. This wine showcases the artistry and innovation of Toblar winery, offering wine enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the diverse and dynamic world of skin-contact wines.

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