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BARTOLOMIOL NV Sparkling Wine 'Prior Brut Prosecco' (Veneto, Italy)

BARTOLOMIOL NV Sparkling Wine 'Prior Brut Prosecco' (Veneto, Italy)

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The Bartolomiol NV Sparkling Wine 'Prior Brut Prosecco' originates from the Veneto region of Italy, renowned for its production of high-quality Prosecco. Prosecco is made primarily from the Glera grape variety and is known for its lively bubbles, fresh acidity, and fruity flavors. The term "Brut" indicates that this Prosecco is dry in style, with minimal residual sugar. The 'Prior' designation may refer to a particular line or style within Bartolomiol's range of sparkling wines. NV stands for non-vintage, meaning the wine is a blend of grapes from multiple harvest years, ensuring consistency in flavor and quality. Bartolomiol is likely a respected producer known for its dedication to crafting premium Prosecco wines that reflect the terroir of the Veneto region. The 'Prior Brut Prosecco' is likely to be crisp, refreshing, and versatile, making it an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions or enjoying as an apéritif.

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