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BODEGA BARBADILLO Moscatel Sherry 'Laura' (Spain)

BODEGA BARBADILLO Moscatel Sherry 'Laura' (Spain)

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The Bodega Barbadillo Moscatel Sherry 'Laura' originates from Spain, likely produced in the Sherry-producing region of Andalusia. Moscatel Sherry is made from the Moscatel grape variety, known for its aromatic qualities and sweetness. The name 'Laura' could be a proprietary name chosen by Bodega Barbadillo for this particular wine. Moscatel Sherry typically offers intense floral aromas, notes of ripe stone fruits, and a luscious sweetness on the palate. It can be enjoyed as a dessert wine or paired with cheeses, fruit-based desserts, or even spicy dishes to balance the sweetness. Bodega Barbadillo is likely a reputable producer known for its commitment to quality and traditional winemaking methods. The Moscatel Sherry 'Laura' is likely to be a delightful expression of this style, offering a rich and aromatic drinking experience.

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