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BODEGA GARZON 2021 Cabernet Franc 'Reserva' (Uruguay)

BODEGA GARZON 2021 Cabernet Franc 'Reserva' (Uruguay)

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The BODEGA GARAZON 2021 Cabernet Franc 'Reserva' from Uruguay is likely to be a fine representation of this grape variety from the region. Uruguay's temperate climate and diverse terroirs offer ideal conditions for producing high-quality Cabernet Franc wines, and Bodega Garzon is known for its commitment to crafting wines of exceptional quality. Expect this Cabernet Franc to display aromas of ripe red fruits such as raspberry and cherry, accompanied by notes of herbs, tobacco, and subtle oak. On the palate, the wine is likely to be medium to full-bodied, with soft tannins, bright acidity, and a long, elegant finish. The 'Reserva' designation suggests additional aging or selection of premium grapes, indicating a wine of higher quality and complexity. Enjoy the BODEGA GARAZON 2021 Cabernet Franc 'Reserva' for its balance, finesse, and distinctive Uruguayan character.

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