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BULLER WINES NV Port 'Victoria Tawny' (Victoria, Australia)

BULLER WINES NV Port 'Victoria Tawny' (Victoria, Australia)

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The Buller Wines NV Port 'Victoria Tawny' originates from Victoria, Australia, specifically from the Rutherglen wine region renowned for its fortified wines. Tawny-style Ports produced outside of Portugal are often referred to simply as "Tawny" due to the protected designation of origin for the term "Port." The Buller Wines 'Victoria Tawny' is likely a blend of Australian grape varieties, aged in oak barrels to develop rich flavors of dried fruits, nuts, and spices characteristic of Tawny-style wines. It's a delightful choice for enjoying on its own as a dessert wine or pairing with cheeses, nuts, or chocolate-based desserts. Buller Wines is esteemed for its expertise in crafting exceptional fortified wines, and the 'Victoria Tawny' is a testament to their dedication to quality winemaking.

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