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BULLI NV Sparkling White Blend 'Sampagnino' (Italy)

BULLI NV Sparkling White Blend 'Sampagnino' (Italy)

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Bulli's NV Sparkling White Blend 'Sampagnino' from Italy is a delightful and refreshing sparkling wine that captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Made from a blend of indigenous Italian grape varieties, this wine offers a harmonious combination of fruity aromas and crisp acidity. Expect lively notes of citrus fruits, green apples, and white flowers on the nose, with a hint of mineral undertones. On the palate, it presents a fine and persistent effervescence, balanced by bright acidity, and a clean, refreshing finish. Perfect as an aperitif or paired with light seafood dishes, salads, or soft cheeses, 'Sampagnino' is sure to elevate any occasion with its elegant charm and vibrant character. Enjoy chilled to fully appreciate its lively flavors and effervescence.

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