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CAVE SPRING 2019 Cabernet Franc (Ontario)

CAVE SPRING 2019 Cabernet Franc (Ontario)

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The CAVE SPRING 2019 Cabernet Franc from Ontario is likely to offer a delightful expression of this versatile grape variety grown in the cool climate of the region. Produced by Cave Spring Cellars, known for their dedication to crafting high-quality wines, this Cabernet Franc is expected to showcase the unique terroir of Ontario's vineyards. Anticipate aromas of red berries such as raspberry and red currant, accompanied by hints of herbs, tobacco, and subtle earthiness. On the palate, it is likely to be medium-bodied with smooth tannins, vibrant acidity, and a refreshing finish. The 2019 vintage may exhibit depth, complexity, and aging potential, making it suitable for pairing with a variety of dishes, from roasted poultry to grilled vegetables. Enjoy the CAVE SPRING 2019 Cabernet Franc for its elegance and distinctive Ontario character.

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