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DOMAINE E. BORDELET Hard Apple Cider 'Tendre' (Normandy, France)

DOMAINE E. BORDELET Hard Apple Cider 'Tendre' (Normandy, France)

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DOMAINE E. BORDELET Sidre (Apple) Cider 'Tendre' originates from Normandy, France, where cider-making traditions date back centuries. Crafted by Domaine E. Bordelet, renowned for its dedication to quality and terroir-driven production, this cider exemplifies the region's expertise in cider-making. 'Tendre' denotes a style of cider that is delicately sweet, offering a balance between the natural acidity of the apples and a hint of residual sugar. Expect a refreshing and aromatic beverage with pronounced apple flavors, accompanied by floral and fruity notes. With its gentle sweetness and crisp finish, Domaine E. Bordelet Sidre 'Tendre' is a delightful choice for those seeking a taste of authentic Normandy cider craftsmanship.

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