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JULES GAUTRET Brandy 'Pineau Des Charentes Rouge' (Cognac, France)

JULES GAUTRET Brandy 'Pineau Des Charentes Rouge' (Cognac, France)

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Jules Gautret's 'Pineau des Charentes Rouge' from Cognac, France, is a delightful fortified Brandy that showcases the region's expertise in crafting exceptional spirits. Made from a blend of young Cognac eaux-de-vie and fresh grape must, this Pineau des Charentes Rouge offers a harmonious fusion of fruity sweetness and subtle complexity. On the nose, it exudes inviting aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and berries, complemented by hints of vanilla and spices from the Cognac aging process. On the palate, it delights with its rich and velvety texture, balanced by a refreshing acidity and a lingering finish. Jules Gautret's Pineau des Charentes Rouge is a versatile and elegant aperitif or dessert wine, perfect for savoring on its own or paired with a variety of culinary delights.

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