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LUNARIA 2022 Pinot Grigio 'Ramoro' (Italy)

LUNARIA 2022 Pinot Grigio 'Ramoro' (Italy)

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Lunaria's 2022 Pinot Grigio 'Ramoro' from Italy is a delightful expression of this popular grape variety. The term "Ramoro" refers to the pinkish hue of the grapes, which are left in contact with their skins for a short period during fermentation, imparting a delicate blush color to the wine. This Pinot Grigio offers aromas of ripe stone fruits, citrus blossoms, and a hint of floral notes. On the palate, it presents a lively acidity, balanced by flavors of juicy peach, pear, and subtle herbal undertones. The wine finishes with a refreshing crispness, making it a versatile choice to enjoy on its own or paired with light seafood dishes, salads, or creamy pasta recipes.

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