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LYARAKIS WINERY 2022 Dafni 'Psarades Dafni' (Greece)

LYARAKIS WINERY 2022 Dafni 'Psarades Dafni' (Greece)

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Lyarakis Winery 2022 Dafni 'Psarades Dafni' originates from Greece, a country celebrated for its rich winemaking history and indigenous grape varieties. Dafni is a unique and ancient grape variety native to the island of Crete, where Lyarakis Winery is likely located. 'Psarades Dafni' suggests a specific bottling or designation curated by the winery, potentially highlighting the vineyard or region where the grapes are sourced. Dafni grapes are known for their aromatic qualities, often expressing herbal, floral, and citrus notes. Lyarakis Winery is likely a respected producer known for its commitment to showcasing the unique characteristics of indigenous Greek grape varieties. The 2022 vintage is expected to offer a fresh and vibrant drinking experience, with flavors that reflect the terroir of Crete. Lyarakis Winery 2022 Dafni 'Psarades Dafni' is likely to be a delightful accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine, seafood dishes, or enjoyed on its own as an apéritif, offering a taste of the rich heritage and terroir of Greek winemaking.

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