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LYRARAKIS 2018 Red Blend 'Kotsifali Syrah' (Crete, Greece)

LYRARAKIS 2018 Red Blend 'Kotsifali Syrah' (Crete, Greece)

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Lyarakis 2018 Red Blend 'Kotsifali Syrah' is a testament to the winemaking heritage of Crete, Greece, where indigenous grape varieties thrive. Combining the native Kotsifali grape, known for its vibrant acidity and red fruit flavors, with the internationally renowned Syrah, which adds depth and complexity with its dark fruit and peppery notes, this wine reflects the island's diverse terroir. Crafted by Lyarakis Winery, likely situated on Crete, this blend embodies the dedication to quality and tradition characteristic of the region. The 2018 vintage promises a harmonious balance of flavors, with ripe red fruits, spices, and a touch of earthiness. Versatile and robust, this red blend is perfect for pairing with a variety of Mediterranean dishes, from grilled meats to hearty stews, offering a taste of Crete's rich winemaking tradition in every sip.

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