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MANNUCCI DROANDI 2018 Chianti Classico 'Ceppeto' (Tuscany, Italy)

MANNUCCI DROANDI 2018 Chianti Classico 'Ceppeto' (Tuscany, Italy)

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Indulge in the rich heritage of Tuscany with Mannucci Droandi's 2018 Chianti Classico 'Ceppeto'. Crafted in the heart of Italy's famed wine region, this Chianti Classico showcases the quintessential characteristics of the Sangiovese grape variety. Bursting with flavors of ripe cherries, wild berries, and hints of Tuscan herbs, it offers a harmonious balance of fruitiness and earthiness. With its smooth tannins and lively acidity, this wine is perfect for pairing with traditional Italian dishes or enjoying on its own. Immerse yourself in the essence of Tuscany with each sip of this distinguished Chianti Classico.

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