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RIDGE 2021 Zinfandel 'East Bench' (Sonoma County, CA)

RIDGE 2021 Zinfandel 'East Bench' (Sonoma County, CA)

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Embrace the essence of Sonoma County's renowned terroir with Ridge's 2021 Zinfandel 'East Bench', a distinguished representation of California winemaking excellence. This Zinfandel showcases the unique characteristics of the East Bench vineyard with its expressive aromas and vibrant flavors. Enticing notes of ripe blackberries, brambly raspberries, and hints of spice greet the nose, leading to a palate that bursts with layers of dark fruit, cocoa, and a touch of black pepper. Balanced acidity and supple tannins lend structure and finesse to the wine, while a lingering finish leaves a lasting impression. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with grilled meats, hearty pasta dishes, or aged cheeses, Ridge's Zinfandel 'East Bench' invites you to savor the distinctive flavors of Sonoma County with each luxurious sip. Raise your glass to the legacy of Ridge Vineyards and the timeless beauty of California winemaking!

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