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THE RARE WINE CO. NV Madeira 'Boston Bual' (Portugal)

THE RARE WINE CO. NV Madeira 'Boston Bual' (Portugal)

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The Rare Wine Co. NV Madeira 'Boston Bual' is a fortified wine originating from the island of Madeira, Portugal. Madeira wine is produced exclusively on the island of Madeira, known for its unique production methods involving heating and oxidation, which give the wines their distinctive flavors and long aging potential.

"Boston Bual" likely refers to a specific blend or bottling curated by The Rare Wine Co., a respected wine merchant specializing in fine Madeira wines. Bual is one of the grape varieties used in Madeira wine production, known for producing medium-sweet to sweet styles of Madeira with rich flavors of caramel, dried fruits, and nuts.

The Rare Wine Co. NV Madeira 'Boston Bual' is likely to offer a rich and complex drinking experience, with notes of caramel, nuts, dried fruits, and a long, lingering finish. It's a delightful choice for sipping on its own as a dessert wine or pairing with a variety of desserts and cheeses. Madeira wines are classified according to their grape variety, level of sweetness, and aging process, and they are highly regarded for their quality and versatility.

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