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TRUE GRIT 2021 Petite Sirah (Mendocino, California)

TRUE GRIT 2021 Petite Sirah (Mendocino, California)

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The TRUE GRIT 2021 Petite Sirah from Mendocino, California, is likely to be a bold and robust expression of this hearty grape variety. Petite Sirah is known for its deep color, rich flavors, and firm tannins, and True Grit is likely to craft a wine that showcases these characteristics. Expect aromas of dark berries, such as blackberry and blueberry, with hints of black pepper, licorice, and dark chocolate. On the palate, the wine is likely to be full-bodied and intense, with dense fruit flavors, grippy tannins, and a long, powerful finish. The 2021 vintage is expected to offer concentration and depth, making it suitable for pairing with hearty dishes such as grilled meats, stews, or robust pasta dishes. Enjoy the TRUE GRIT 2021 Petite Sirah for its boldness and distinctive Mendocino character.

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